This page contains information about the principle investigators of the TEACH Math project. You can find summaries of their research interests and links to contact them by email.

Julia Aguirre 

Julia Maria Aguirre is Associate Professor of Education at the University of Washington Tacoma. Her research interests include equity and social justice in mathematics education, teacher education, and culturally responsive mathematics pedagogy. A primary goal of her work is preparing new generations of teachers to make mathematics education accessible, meaningful and relevant to today’s youth. She is a co-author of the NCTM book, The Impact of Identity in k-8 mathematics: Rethinking equity-based practices (Aguirre, Mayfield Ingram & Martin, 2013).




Tonya Bartell 

Tonya Gau Bartell is Associate Professor of Mathematics Education in the Department of Teacher Education at Michigan State University. Her research focuses on issues of culture, race, and power in mathematics education, with particular attention to teachers’ development of mathematics pedagogy for social justice and pedagogy integrating a focus on students’ mathematical thinking and students’ community and cultural funds of knowledge.




Corey Drake 

Corey Drake is Professor and Director of Teacher Preparation at Michigan State University. Her work focuses on the preparation of elementary teachers to teach mathematics in diverse contexts. Her current research includes studies of prospective elementary teachers’ learning from and about the use of mathematics curriculum materials and novice teachers’ enactment of ambitious instruction in elementary literacy and mathematics.




Mary Foote 

Mary Q. Foote is Professor Emerita of Mathematics Education from the Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education at Queens College of the City University of New York. Her research attends to equity issues in mathematics education and broadly stated examines issues in mathematics teacher education. More specifically her interests are in cultural and community knowledge and practices, and how they might inform mathematics teaching practice.



Amy Roth McDuffie

Amy Roth McDuffie is Professor of Mathematics Education and Associate Dean for Research for the College of Education at Washington State University. Her research focuses on teachers’ professional development with attention to teachers’ practices related to equity and curriculum use in mathematics education.





Erin Turner

Erin Turner is Professor of Mathematics Education in the Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies Department at the University of Arizona. Her research interests include issues of equity and social justice in mathematics education and preparing elementary mathematics teachers to support the learning of students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, including English learners.