Case Study

This module focuses on student learning, identity and dispositions of a case study student. In the activities of this module prospective teachers: conduct a mathematics “getting to know you” interview, shadow a student for all or part of a day, conduct one or more problem solving interview assessments with that same student, and engage in written analysis and reflection on the first three activities in the module.

Classroom Practices Module

This module focuses on mathematical tasks, teaching, learning, and power and participation, as well as children’s multiple mathematical knowledge bases. The module includes includes four activities: analyzing video cases, analyzing curriculum spaces, analyzing lesson plans, and analyzing an observed lesson or one’s own teaching practice. Tools include Video Lenses and Curriculum Spaces Analysis Table.

Community Exploration Module

This module focuses on knowledge of students’ out of school activities and practices and engaging in students’ communities. This module consists of three activities: A community walk, the development of a mathematics lesson, and a final write up and reflection. Prospective teachers work in pairs or small groups on the activities. Different versions of activities and several additional options are included.