Lesson Plan for Activity 2

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Summary of Activity 2: Lesson/Task Development

The purpose of this activity is to support prospective teachers to design a problem-based task or lesson that connects to the Community Math Exploration (Activity 1). This activity is done once as part of the module. However, it can also be an additional context to practice lesson planning/task design. The lesson/task design is an important product of this module. It is also used as part of the final reflection commentary and optional presentations (Activity 3).


To support prospective teachers in generating ideas for lesson plans, instructors might lead a whole group brainstorming session or share a sample Community Math Exploration lesson in order review major points of lesson plan development. Alternatively, this can also launch an in-class lesson analysis (described in Explore.)


As a small-group activity prospective teachers explore key components of exemplar community math lesson plans such as cognitive demand; task structures and extensions; connections to funds of knowledge; student thinking strategies; teacher questions; participation structures; addressing status issues; attention to language. Prospective teachers summarize insights about the lesson on poster paper and prepare to share out with the whole class.


Prospective teachers share out major points of small group discussion. The instructor can use these insights as points for consideration in the final Community Math lesson plan design that occurs inside or outside of class.

Goals for Lesson/Task Development

  • plan a problem solving based mathematics lesson or activity that draws upon knowledge and understanding of the practices, activities and resources of students’ communities.


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