Lesson Plan for Activity 3

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Summary of Activity 3: Final Reflection

Prospective teachers engage in a group discussion/debriefing of the project (which may include presentations of their lesson plans and/or problem posing activities), followed by an individual written reflection (to be completed in class as a quick write or out of class as a homework assignment).


The launch provides time for prospective teachers to reflect before the whole class discussion begins. Post a set of prompts and provide time for prospective teachers to reflect individually and then in pairs/small groups. Alternatively, conduct a gallery walk.


Facilitate a whole class discussion to help prospective teachers reflect on activities 1 and 2. An expanded list of possible questions for whole class discussion is available in the full lesson plan. Some questions might include: What was it like to think about the community in mathematical terms? As you participated in this project, what surprised you?As you were planning your lesson, what challenges did you face?


Prospective teachers complete a final written reflection. There are two versions for this written reflection: an individual reflection (inside or outside of class) or a group reflection. See full lesson plan for more details.

Goals for Final Reflection

  • broaden their perspectives and understandings of students’ competencies (and the competencies of family members and community members), by recognizing ways that students see and use mathematics in the home and outside of school, both as reflected in their own CME projects and those of their peers.
  • reflect on and synthesize their knowledge and familiarity with students’ communities, particularly of activities and practices that might relate to mathematics instruction, and in doing so, challenge deficit-based or stereotypical assumptions about students’ communities.

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