Lesson Plan for Activity 3

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Summary of Activity 3: Analyzing Mathematics Lesson Plan(s)

Prospective teachers use the Curriculum Spaces Analysis Table (see Handout CP 9 and/or CP 10 from Activity 2) to evaluate their own mathematics lesson’s potential to support mathematics learning and elicit and build on children’s multiple mathematical knowledge bases. The analysis is designed to inform prospective teachers’ instructional planning and lesson development. Be explicit with them that it is not necessary to address every aspect of this table in a lesson plan, but rather to be clear on what their lesson plan does and does not address so that they can speak to those issues and the potential related implications. In addition to a completed Curriculum Spaces Analysis Table, prospective teachers should also reflect in writing on the suggested prompts detailed in the lesson plan. This activity could be completed multiple times during the course.

See Activity 2 for HANDOUTS


The launch for this activity is a brief overview given by the instructor of the assignment.


The explore part of this activity consists of prospective teachers beginning an analysis of a mathematics lesson plan in class and continuing their analysis outside of class. After they have been introduced to the idea of using the Curriculum Spaces Analysis Table, they analyze a lesson plan that they have drafted.


The summary part of this activity consists of both PSTs’ written reflection as well as a debriefing discussion in class on the day the written assignment is submitted. See Lesson Plan for prompts.

Goals for Analyzing Mathematics Lesson Plan(s)

  • identify and analyze aspects of a mathematics lesson plan that support teachers eliciting and building on children’s multiple mathematical knowledge bases.


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