Lesson Plan for Activity 4

Lesson Plan Handouts

Summary of Activity 4: Synthesizing & Connecting

Prospective teachers elaborate on what they have learned from the previous Case Study Activities. For this assignment, they draw on all they have learned about their case study students from the various activities and interactions with their student throughout the semester. Prospective teachers will use what they learned to plan for the future. This activity can be completed as a written assignment alone, submitted at the end of the semester (or as a portion of a final exam), or it can be used in combination with a mock parent-teacher conference activity (an in-class activity for prospective teachers to share their learning with a peer). The written assignment instructions are provided in Handout CS 12. If an instructor opts to follow-up the written assignment with mock parent teacher conferences, refer to the Lesson Plan.

HANDOUTS download includes:

  • CS 12 – Synthesizing & Connecting Assignment

  • Launch

    Using previous reports as background information for talking with parents/family, prospective teachers do a “Mock Parent Conference.” In order to interrupt the typical school-home dynamic that positions teachers as the “knowers” and parents as the “learners” of their children, prospective teachers need the “Getting to Know You” interviews available so that the prospective teachers playing the parent can read about the child, bring that knowledge about the case student to the conference, and prepare them to respond.


    Prospective teachers conference in pairs, using the prompts in the handout. The instructor announces time after 5 minutes (switch roles), 10 minutes (debrief), and 15 minutes (come together as a whole class for the Summary).


    After pairs have each had a turn in each role and shared feedback, instructor facilitates a whole class discussion about the conferences. As appropriate, return to the initial discussion about any deficit perspectives or past negative experiences that were shared during the Launch.

    Goals for Synthesizing & Connecting

    • synthesize the information and understandings, learned across the activities
    • make connections among students’ MMKB
    • generate ideas for future teaching and learning based on what they know about their case study student
    • consider, rehearse, and reflect on ways to communicate and build relationships with parents in support of students’ learning.

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