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Activity 3 CP Module FAQ

When during the methods course do you suggest prospective teachers complete Activity 3?

Across the group, we have tended to use this activity later in the semester, as a synthesizing activity. This activity also provides an opportunity to connect to the research and practitioner literature related to culturally relevant mathematics teaching.
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What additional resources do you recommend?

Hiebert, J., Morris, A. K., Berk, D., & Jansen, A. (2007). Preparing teachers to learn from teaching. Journal of Teacher Education, 58, 47-61

Jansen, A., & Spitzer, S. M. (2009).  Prospective middle school mathematics teachers’ reflective thinking skills: Descriptions of their students’ thinking and interpretations of their teaching. Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, 12(2), 133-151.

Morris, A. (2006). Assessing pre-service teachers’ skills for analyzing teaching. Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, 9(5), 471-505.

Morris, A. K. (2007). Factors affecting pre-service teachers’ evaluations of the validity of students’ mathematical arguments in classroom contexts. Cognition and Instruction, 25(4), 479-522.

Pre-service teachers examine gender equity in teaching math.

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